Instant peer support for high-performing teams

Unstuck helps teams help themselves. Create instant peer support sessions with other team members who are available and equipped to solve your specific issue.
Request Help

Tell your team what you're stuck on

Give a short description of the task or project you need some help with.
Get Connected

Connect with an available teammate

Unstuck uses smart routing to alert available teammates who are best positioned to help you with your task.
Solve Together

Work together to solve the problem and complete the task

Jump into a screen share and have a real-time chat that's focused on the task at hand and getting it down as quickly as possible.
SuperCharging teams

Key Features

Just a few of the things that sets Unstuck apart and helps high-performing teams get more done.

Smart Routing

Find teammates who are most able to find certain tasks

Video Chat + Draw

Share screens, video chat and draw to make communicating simpler

Work Insights

Team leads get powerful insights into which issues and tasks are creating friction

Do Not Disturb

Pause notifications when you want to focus and not be disturbed

Web + Desktop Apps

Use in browser or download the app for Mac, Windows and Linux

Free For Small Teams

Free forever for companies with up to 10 team members
Coming Soon

Slack Integration

Create requests and get notified directly within Slack
Coming Soon

Asana Integration

Create a request from a task in Asana with prefilled details
Sync That works

Meet without meetings

Unscheduled, but realtime. Have 1:1's that are focused on solving specific problems and moving tasks forward.

Human connection for WFH and remote teams

Remote work doesn't need to be isolating. Create meaningful interactions with teammates that's centred around work.

Realtime mentoring & training

Create a mentoring culture and train teammates on real tasks in realtime.

Close the skills gap

Have more confidence in new hires by creating a more collaborative team support system.

Less searching, more solving

The average worker spends 20% of their week searching for critical information to complete a task.

Cut down on meetings, save time and create a more productive team today.